About The Idiom Series | Meer oor die Idioom Reeks

Murray & Me se idioom boeke is ’n prenteboek-reeks wat deur idiome geïnspireer is.  Alhoewel die boeke oorspronklik in Afrikaans geskryf is, word idiome gebruik wat ook in Engels bestaan en dus maklik vertaal sal kan word. Die Engelse en Braille vertalings kan in 2017 verwag word.

The Murray&Me idiom series comprises picture books ideal for 6-9 year olds. The stories attempt to introduce  idioms to youngsters as a way of encouraging conversations about life skills and values. Its characters are young children who experience and question the world around them, which resonates especially well with young readers.
“We’ve seen virtually every day how idioms disappear from our children’s vocabularies,” says writer Milan. “It was however Prof Betsie van der Westhuizen at the University of Potchefstroom whose caution on the importance of idioms as bridging between concrete and abstract thinking struck a chord.”
The series has already been adopted by subject advisors at schools who recognise the value of the idiom and how it is too often underestimated and excluded from learning programmes.
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