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My Story Journal • English • 6-10 jaar

Milan Murray

Product image 1My Story Journal • English • 6-10 jaar
Product image 2My Story Journal • English • 6-10 jaar
Product image 3My Story Journal • English • 6-10 jaar

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The Green Journal

So it’s 5 am on your child’s first day of school. Wide awake and fully dressed in their brand spanking new, one-size-too-big uniform, they eagerly tug at your sleepy body to please wake up! Adventure awaits!

It’s a beautiful thing.

But adventure brings challenges. Over the 4-year Junior phase school uniforms, structured classes, competitive sports, and new friends can become tough to manage. All of a sudden only the top three of anything get acknowledged and abilities are rated on a report card. Parents divorce, grandparents pass away and we don’t always get picked for the team. Does my story even matter?

The Green Journal is a fun journal with content curated specifically with this sensitive developmental stage in mind. Support your child’s mental health and emotional growth while they are transitioning from child to tween by utilizing the effective art of journaling and reflection. Help them navigate through obstacles and challenges while building a strong sense of self. Encourage them to take up the pen and write their own life story!


  • 120 pages of professionally curated content.
  • 60 unique diary entries and activities.
  • Fun prompts.
  • Easy monkey puzzle choices.
  • No intimidating blank pages!
  • Beautiful, colourful, illustrations.
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